When feminism borders on religion

The Secular Round Table

So, Richard Dawkins was disinvited from a speaking engagement for the Northeast Conference of Science and Skepticism because he shared a video by SyeTenAtheist lampooning radical feminism by comparing it to Islamism. Whether or not you agree with the decision, it’s theirs to make. They don’t owe Dawkins anything. That being said:

SyeTenAtheist lampoons a lot of people. Usually it is theists, be they famous creationists or apologists, or even YouTube evangelists who are well-known in atheist circles. Granted, this video is hyperbolic, but his videos are always over the top. That’s just his style. He uses heavy satire to make valid points.

I don’t see how mocking a radical feminist (keep in mind that many people who believe in and fight for equality amongst the sexes are “feminist” under that definition, but don’t identify as “feminist” because of the stigma that gets attached due to radical feminists) is…

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Bernie Sanders or bust!

This woman speaks my thoughts! A lot of people don’t understand, I left being an Independent to go to the Democratic Party for only one reason…Bernie Sanders. After my state primaries are done I will be gone and go back to NPA. Then I’ll choose who I want. If Bernie will run 3rd Party or Write-In he has my vote….period. If this country is stupid enough to elect Donald Trump then this country deserves whatever evil will undoubtedly happen. I will not vote for the status quo!




In Defense of a Secular Satanism

Pride of Dawn

Up until recently, the term Satanism has primarily been synonymous with LaVeyan Satanism. Anton LaVey wrote The Satanic Bible, from which most practitioners of Satanism receive their beliefs. In The Satanic Bible LaVey writes at length about a philosophy that glorifies a hedonistic lifestyle, challenges the Golden Rule by offering Lex Talionis (the law of equivalent retaliation), and details the rituals of Magic. It is those rituals of Magic that give LaVeyan Satanism a lot of supernatural overtones.

The Satanic Temple wishes to divorce itself from any links to supernaturalism. It seeks to promote a scientific and humanistic worldview. This is very much at odds with LaVeyan Satanism and, some may argue, the very definition of what religion is. How is The Satanic Temple to 1. claim itself to be a religion without the supernatural and 2. call itself Satanic without the vast majority of The Satanic Bible as…

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