The Koch Brothers: America’s New Dictators

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As an American, I’m feeling a bit lost with all that has been happening in our country lately. Ferguson, scores of other police brutalizing citizens, a looming possibility of another full-fledged war in Iraq, and the fact that no matter what President Obama tries to do, the Republicans continue to oppose him, all of these issues make me ashamed of being an American. Don’t get me wrong, I served in the US Navy and wore the uniform, but the military was nowhere for a young, gay woman to be, so I was honorably discharged. That was back in 1987. That’s when I realized that this country was not my country anymore.

I’m active in politics, and vote for Democrats, but I am not seeing much of a difference regardless of who I vote for. It seems like Citizens United is running the country now. I don’t have the Koch brothers’…

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The Quest for Light

Yesterday I turned 40.  I remember being a kid and thinking 40 is old and yet here I am and to be honest, I don’t feel very old.  Sure, I have quite a few gray hairs, a bigger gut, tons of responsibility; my muscles don’t heal quite as quickly as they used to, but deep down inside… I’m still a kid.  I still get excited when I get a new toy (although my toys now cost more money and usually require insurance), I still like to dress up at Halloween, still love dueling it out with a light saber, and I still wonder what I am going to be when I grow up.

Wait a minute, I’m 40.. Isn’t that grown-up?

Then I look back and stand in awe of giants that came before me.   People like Thomas Jefferson, who before the age of 40 had already been the governor…

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